Emission details


  • 42.5M
  • 2.5M
  • 15M
  • 60M

      MKT - Development - Maintenance - Investors



      Project financing / funding

  • - 60.000.000
  •       A) Recaudar fondos para proyectos de energías renovables
  •       B) incrementar respaldo de liquidez
  • - 42.500.000 staking
  • - 15.000.000 Marketing
  • -   2.500.000 Presale

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How it works?

Redit will run through a smart contract in just 3 steps

1.- It will collect money through the free purchase of “REDIT Token” by users from all over the world.

2.- It will invest in renewable energy projects selected by the users themselves

3.- The utilities generated by the projects will carry out 2 automatic processes:

3.1 With 50% each month they will burn REDIT tokens permanently so that their quantity will be increasingly scarce, valuing it.

3.2 With the other 50%, you will buy cryptocurrencies whose equivalence is 1 to 1 with the dollar Usdt – Busd etc. With which it will permanently increase the backing/liquidity FUND giving more value to the circulating Redit.

Mission / Vision / Target


Accompany the UN challenge with the commitment to reach NET – ZERO in the largest possible areas of our planet before 2050


Create a community that benefits us all through which together we help save the environment. REDIT IS YOU


Develop renewable energy projects through:
A) SOLAR energy panel plants.
B) Urban Solid Waste Disposal Plants transformed into GAS for energy
C) CARBON Footprint through the purchase of Native Forests and the creation of new green areas


Redit is created and developed by the Oikos Foundation for Sustainable Development and a large team made up of specialists in Technology, Security, Economy and Renewable Energies. To achieve a Token destined exclusively to improve the quality of the Environment.

It was born as a NET – ZERO Token since it should not be mined avoiding the large amount of energy necessary for its operation and to obtain more redit you only have to have Redits.