Mining evolution

  • -- Days
  • -- Hours
  • -- Min.
  • -- Sec.
- 120.000.000
  • Start 26/04/2021
  • Details 4 coins per block, every 60 seconds. Halving every 7 years
  • Token RDT
  • Total Tokens 120.000.000
Emission details

Coin distribution

  • 25 % Pre-mined
  • 25 % Mining
  • 50 % Rent

Pre-mined It’s destined through the OiKOS Fundación para el Desarrollo Sustentable, for fundraising to SOLVE A MAJOR ISSUE HUMANITY HAS AT THIS MOMENT, create projects of urban solid waste management and transform those in SOURCES OF RENEWABLE ENERGIES "Together we’ll save the planet".

Mining Redit Gold will allow the free mining of 30 million units. Following a path of 4 coins per block every 60 seconds. Halving every 7 years.

Rent our coin generates a 12% annual rent in Redit Gold, it’s increase will be reflected directly in the REDIT wallet.


REDIT Gold Roadmap

April 2019

Project Creation

October 2019

Strategic Networking

March 2020

Product Development

August 2020

Technological Development

April 2021

Market Launch



Web Wallet Access

You can access directly from our web or through the phone Webapp

Download brochure

In the following link you can download a document that contains all the details of the project.

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Direct benefit from Redit Gold
Annual income 12%

Redit Gold has an income, which from the moment of the acquisition of a Redit Gold, will generate an annual interest of 12% in Redit Gold whose increase can be reflected daily in your Redit wallet.

The more Each person has Redit Gold, the more significant this growth will be.

To guarantee this appreciation of Redit Gold there is a total of 60 million units that will be used to pay the rent of 12% per year until the stock is exhausted of the same, which will happen in approximately 40 years.


Investing in a Real-backed Cryptocurrency

Investments in Redit Gold pre-mined by OiKOS Fundación para el Desarrollo Sustentable, will be destined to the construction of Urban Solid Waste Treatment Plants and their transformation into Energy, of whose Monthly Sale to the Urban Network, a% for life will be allocated to each and every one of the plants and while they are in operation to an EXCLUSIVE Account called REDIT GOLD for its CAPITALIZATION.

In this way all REDIT Gold holders will obtain a direct benefit over time from the increase of this FUND.

This detail will be published ONLINE on the REDIT Gold page.

There are currently several projects under analysis to be selected.