Redit IT'S YOU

From the moment Redit is launched on the market, decisions on the choice of selected projects will be made by a vote of Redit holders.
Redit Community - Redit IT'S YOU

With YOUR vote you will be able to choose :
• Election of Projects for renewable energy developments: type and size.3 projects will be published in each case with all their technical specifications and the Redit community will select the one to be developed. Whether solar energy, urban solid waste or green areas used to enhance carbon footprint.
• Amount of Token Placement to increase Redit's valorization.
Redit is a Pre-mined Token so it is available to be selected according to its demand, to be used both for project development and to be placed in the market and its capital allocated exclusively to increase the backing of the Token.

OiKOS Foundation for Sustainable Development will be responsible for analyzing the projects that apply for REDIT Coin financing. Once the projects have been analyzed, the best ones in terms of quality and environmental impact will be informed to the users so that they can decide which one to carry out.

OiKOS Foundation for Sustainable Development - Fundación Oikos
First level international consulting firms will be hired to audit and guarantee the processes of each one of the selected projects, contracts, construction, start-up and rendering of profits, 100% of which will be used for the repurchase and burning of tokens in the market, resulting in the valorization of the tokens that remain in circulation.