Tokenomics is the total distribution of tokens issued by Redit.
Redit has decided to launch a project with 100% of the Tokens issued but NOT in circulation, which will be given according to strict parameters of Smart contracts explained in detail. This means that in order to obtain the Tokens it will NOT be necessary to mine them, eliminating the need to use large amounts of energy. To "Get New Redit" you only need to "HAVE Redit" Converting it practically into a NET-ZERO Cryptocurrency. Since we have cut greenhouse gas emissions to as close as possible to NULL emissions. Token Distribution
1.- 60,000,000 Redit will have this amount to be used for 2 specific points. A).- Raise funds for renewable energy projects and B) To increase liquidity / funding support to value the cryptocurrency. In both cases, a number of tokens will be placed on the market to complete them and whose decision will be made solely by Voting of REDIT users.
2.- 42,500,000 staking: Redit arranged this amount of tokens and until the stock is exhausted to be obtained by users who wish to stake their total or partial holdings and obtain a gift for this action, which it is explained in detail in the staking section. This action is intended to avoid the mining system and that users, instead of investing in mining machines to obtain tokens, which generate a large energy cost, obtain Redit only by investing in Redit.
3 .- 15,000,000 Redit Token will be issued to be used in campaigns of MKT, Maintenance, Developers and original investors. These tokens are expected to be released at a maximum of 2% per month so as not to produce an impact on the market and accompany the growth of REDIT. The diffusion campaigns in Social Networks form an important item in the knowledge of these projects.
4.- 2,500,000 Tokens for PRESALE: Redit will have this amount of Tokens to be used in a PRESALE in a specific Smart contract of 5 steps and whose collection will be allocated 100% to the initial LIQUIDITY fund / Token backup. In this way, REDIT, unlike other tokens, will be born with a market price formed by the number of tokens issued and their corresponding economic support.