Locking and vesting

The LOCKING AND VESTING program is a technical system to provide medium and long term stability support to investments.
REDIT has selected this system to provide TECHNICAL support to investments in renewable energies.
Given the worldwide known fluctuating market of Cryptocurrencies, we have chosen a system that will generate an EXTRA BACKUP for its quotation and that will allow investors to protect the abrupt price drops in the face of a shark's exit.
From the launch of any Cryptocurrency there are two events; first the more time passes it becomes more known and therefore more people have access to it; and second, it can have peaks and sharp drops depending on the exit of large investors. The rest is done by the credibility of it or has A REAL backing on it, and the last is our way.

Each purchase made by REDIT Coin users is divided into 20 monthly output stages with automatic daily crediting of the releases until reaching 5% of tokens per month.
Each user will have a space to follow their daily placement and crediting of tokens via
This will generate that the big speculative investors or sharks will not be interested in speculating in the short term, since they will not be able to exit quickly and therefore, as we all know, if the income is more than the outflows of the cryptocurrency, it will only be able to increase its price, generating profits in the medium and long term.

With the released tokens the user can choose to either release them to the market or place them in Staking to obtain a reward for immobilizing them for a period of time. (For more details see Staking section).