REDIT has a Staking system that has been designed to allow Token holders to obtain additional REDITs as a gift.
This action is intended to avoid mining systems to obtain gift tokens, which many cryptocurrencies have, with the consequent energy consumption and which force users to make large investments in mining machines to obtain additional tokens and multiply your investment.
REDIT made available 42,500,000 Tokens ready to be distributed among the holders who choose to immobilize the desired amount of Tokens for a previously fixed period of time.
To obtain REDIT you only need to invest in REDIT.
This distribution will be maintained over time until such stock is depleted.
From the daily release of tokens each user will be free to decide what to do with them. The maximum release is 5% per month of each of their purchases.
If that user wishes to obtain a prize for immobilizing his tokens, he may place them in any of the options contemplated by the system or in any combination of them that best suits his needs, distributing his holdings in each alternative for which he wishes to opt.
The different term options to obtain gifts for your Staking are as follows:
• 1 month = 1 % gift in tokens
• 3 months = 3,5 % gift in tokens
• 6 months = 8 % gift in tokens
• 9 months = 14,5 % gift in tokens
• 12 months = 21 % gift in tokens

• If the user chooses to place the Tokens at 1 month of immobilization, the system will recognize 1% of gift on its placement, this gift will be available from the expiration of such term, where the user will be able to withdraw its immobilized Tokens with the additional of the obtained prize. Thus successively with each one of the terms that were selected to obtain prizes for their Staking as detailed in the previous table.