Token burning

Token burning is the destruction of a token due to the economic income of its quotation value.
This excellent system was created to reduce REDIT's circulating funds in such a way that with the decrease, its value systematically increases, since the money enters directly to the backing fund.
Redit starts its operations with a total of 120 million tokens divided according to tokenomics and a very small circulating amount of only 3 million initial tokens. All of which will be allocated to create the initial backing fund.
At the time of market launch, its initial value will be fully backed by such funding.
Therefore, with 100% of the profits generated by the projects financed by REDIT and chosen by the users, 2 automatic processes will be carried out:
  • With 50% each month and during all the years they are active, REDIT Tokens will be burned achieving that each time their quantity will be scarcer and their value higher.
  • The other 50% will buy Cryptocurrencies whose equivalence is 1 to 1 with the U$S, for example Usdt /Busd / or others. With which it will permanently increase the BACKUP FUND / Liquidity increasing the value to the circulating REDIT.