Why invest?

Given the world-wide known fluctuating market of cryptocurrencies, we have developed a system that generates extra support for its listing and allows investors to protect the sharp jumps of DOWN in price before the exit of the sharks.

As of the launch of any cryptocurrency, two events take place, 1 the more time passes it becomes better known and the more people access it. And 2 can have peaks and sharp falls depending on the exit of large investors.

REDIT is one of the few cryptocurrencies that will give you TECHNICAL support for your investments. Each purchase is divided into 20 monthly output stages of 5% each. This will generate that the sharks will not be interested in speculating in the short term since they will not be able to leave quickly and therefore, as we all know, if the income is more than the expenses, it will only be able to increase its price, generating profits in the medium and long term and also finance more projects that generate extra profits and real support. In addition, REDIT will go on the market with a PRESALE destined 100% to give a Liquidity FUND / real support to the cryptocurrency. Renewable energy projects:

a) Carbon Footprint: Protection of Native Forest and/or afforestation that generate carbon footprint. This action that protects large green areas, generates carbon footprint titles that are marketed and will allow Redit to burn Tokens VALUING IT over time (less Tokens more Value)

b) Solar Power Plants: Redit will focus investments on all solar energy projects that allow the transformation of polluting energies into pure and renewable energies, allocating 100% of its monthly profits to valuing REDIT to allow more developments.

c) Urban Solid Waste Plants: Redit will develop Treatment Plants in the cities that are willing to eliminate their “GARBAGE” transforming it into energy, the monthly profits will be used 100% to value Redit.

All the projects of the 3 Items will be selected exclusively by vote of the Users who hold Redit.

To guarantee the processes of each of the selected projects, contracts, construction, start-up and rendering of profits for repurchase and burning of redit to value it, an international consultant will be hired.